Richard Yasmine’s Plugged carafes sit atop phallic brass rods

Beirut designer Richard Yasmine has created a collection of glass vessels that rest on dildo-like brass objects.

The suggestively shaped supports slot into a deep indentation in the base of each carafe – similar to the dimples in the undersides of wine bottles.

Plugged vessels by Richard Yasmine

Only the tips of the tapered rods are contained, raising the bottoms of the jugs above the ground and contrasting the brushed brass with the thin hand-blown glass.

According to Yasmine, the two materials were chosen to represent the differences between male and female genitalia.

Plugged vessels by Richard Yasmine

“I am trying to explore the phallic shape and studying it from different angles, working on a certain philosophy or a story,” said the designer.

“I’m trying to work on how often I can incorporate it into our daily objects, but in a concealed way –making people use those objects for a daily purpose.”

Plugged vessels by Richard Yasmine

Yasmine previously experimented with incorporating this imagery into furniture, designing a marble table with phallic brass legs.

The Plugged carafes have long thin spouts, similar to test tubes, and the indentation at the base doubles as a container for liquid when turned upside down. Yasmine has also created versions with slender glass handles, and lamps that slot over the top of the carafe’s thin spouts.

Plugged vessels by Richard Yasmine

“The main purpose is a firm base to maintain the stability of the entire design, but definitely with a message behind,” added the designer. “Protect yourself. Safe sex is absolutely essential to avoid unwanted consequences.”

Other recent suggestive designs include a BDSM version of Gerrit Rietveld’s Red and Blue chair – complete with bright blue leather straps – and a vaulting horse-style sex toy designed to be displayed as a piece of furniture.

Photography by BizarreBeirut.

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