Understanding all aspects of your golf equipment can be beneficial to your overall performance on the course during your next round. Most golf equipment, including golf balls, is manufactured for a specific skill set and golfing ability. Speak to a licensed PGA teaching professional or other golf fitting expert forContinue Reading

The little golf tee might not be the most expensive piece of golf equipment you’ll ever buy, but it’s a necessary tool. If you don’t have the right size tee, you might not be able to tee the ball at the optimal height for your swing. The size you chooseContinue Reading

Captain and crew golf is a variation of the best ball format in which one player is given responsibility to make choices for her team on which ball to hit. Every player gets a turn on each shot on a particular hole. The captain then chooses which attempt puts theContinue Reading

The first thing to know about comparing the flex of golf shafts is the industry has no standard. A shaft rated as a stiff flex by one manufacturer may feel as soft as another company’s regular shaft, and the flex factor is made more complex when including the choice betweenContinue Reading